About me

I'm an environmental engineer addicted to scientific GIS development playing in the field of hydrologic and geomorphologic modelling. I also spend some of my time developing for mobile devices based on Android and tinkering with Arduino boards and sensors.

Projects and Opens Source

In the Free and Open Source world I develop and coordinate the Hortonmachine (former JGrasstools), SMASH and Geopaparazzi projects and am charter member of the Osgeo Foundation. I am part of the ARIES group as a GIS developer.


Since 2005 I'm cofounder of HydroloGIS, where we work mainly on hydro-geomorphological risk analysis and develop/make use of uDig/gvSIG/QGIS, SMASH, Geopaparazzi and Hortonmachine. It is HydroloGIS that gives me the possibility to enjoy what I am doing every day and be able to pursue my need for open development.


Since 2017 I am currently lecturer for Advanced Geomatics and Scientific Computer Programming for EMMA at the Free University of Bolzano. There I work on LiDAR data analysis for forestry applications and seamless integration within GIS.


I have a degree in Environmental Engineering at the University of Trento and a PhD in Environmental Sciences at the University of Urbino where I developed with the LINEE group uDig extensions for digital field mapping.

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To contact me, you best go through HydroloGIS, which is located here:

Via Gänsplätzen, 23

39044 Egna - Italy


And to summarize my thoughts here's my favorite quote:

"Let it be as much a great honour to take as to give learning, if you want to be called wise."

Skuggsja' - The King's mirror - 1240 Reykjavik

Andrea Antonello