About me

I'm an environmental engineer which specializes in hydrology, hydraulic and environmental modelling.


Since 2005 I'm cofounder of HydroloGIS, where we work mainly on hydro-geomorphological risk analysis and develop/make use of uDig, Geopaparazzi and JGrasstools. I am responsible for the applied engineering part and focus on hydrologic risk, renewable energies and urban networks. I usually focus on project management as well as water management and stormwater analyses.


I have a degree in Environmental Engineering at the University of Trento and a Master in Project Management at the University of Padova.

Some of my presentations:


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To contact me, you best go through HydroloGIS, which is located here:

Via Ipazia, 2

39100 Bolzano - Italy

tel. +39 0471 068066


Silvia Franceschi